The Last Roman: Vengeance: 1 por Jack Ludlow

The Last Roman: Vengeance: 1 por Jack Ludlow

Titulo del libro: The Last Roman: Vengeance: 1

Autor: Jack Ludlow

Número de páginas: 352 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 19, 2014

Editor: Allison & Busby

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Jack Ludlow con The Last Roman: Vengeance: 1

During the sixth century of the Byzantium Empire, corruption is rife. The country is in turmoil and Flavius Belisarius, steeped in military lore, expects to join his father’s cohort, as have his three brothers, to help protect the border of the Eastern Empire.

Flavius’s father Decimus is the Governor of Dorostorum city, and has two goals: to keep out the Sklaveni barbarians and to expose the deep roots of secular corruption. Seeking to prevent a Sklaveni raid, Decimus asks the powerful magnate, Senuthius Vicinus, for help. Vicinus’s debauchery is widespread but his support is crucial to win the battle.

But treachery leads to the death of Flavius’s family. With his life changed forever Flavius swears vengeance on the man that betrayed his father and begins a journey from which there is no way back.

Vengeance is the first chapter in a thrilling trilogy of deceit, of battles won and lost, of betrayal and revenge, as a youth grows into manhood in the cauldron of an empire
riven by dispute.