Fundamentals of Translation por Sonia Colina

Fundamentals of Translation por Sonia Colina

Titulo del libro: Fundamentals of Translation

Autor: Sonia Colina

Número de páginas: 336 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 1107645468

Editor: Cambridge University Press

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Sonia Colina con Fundamentals of Translation

Clear and concise, this textbook provides a non-technical introduction to the basic and central concepts of translation theory and practice, including translation briefs, parallel texts and textual functions, cohesion and coherence, and old and new information. Colina focuses on the key concepts that beginning students of translation, practising translators, language students and language professionals need to understand. Numerous exercises (discussion, group and individual) at the end of each chapter and 'Practice' activities throughout each chapter allow students to self-assess their practical understanding of chapter topics. In addition, examples, figures and text extracts from a wide variety of world languages contextualise chapter material and produce a lively and accessible narrative. Suitable for non-specialists with no prior experience of translation, it will also be of interest to practising translators, language students and language industry professionals who wish to gain a wider and up-to-date understanding of translation.